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The commission opted instead for a shorter review known as an environmental assessment after concluding that it was not “reasonably foreseeable” that billions of dollars in LNG exports from Sabine Pass would simulate domestic gas drilling using the environmentally disruptive fracking process.

FERC’s denial of compelling evidence of a link between LNG exports and new fracking flew in the face of analyses by the U. Energy Information Agency and several private firms.

But each has benefitted financially, and each has been in position to wield influence on its behalf with government officials.

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Today it’s the undisputed leader in the nation’s promising new energy sector: exporting liquefied natural gas, or LNG.Two weeks before the DOE granted Cheniere its crucial LNG export license, DOE Secretary Steven Chu picked Deutch to chair a new advisory panel to study fracking’s role in the shale gas boom and to recommend ways to frack more safely and cleanly.Deutch, an emeritus professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, already had a running start on the issue.That same month, MIT released a landmark study called “The Future of Natural Gas.” Deutch had served on the study group that prepared it.The MIT report concluded that natural gas was a clean-burning “bridge fuel” to a future dominated by renewable energy sources.

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