Ms excel consolidating worksheet text data

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Type in the formula, which contains the reference codes of the cells you are consolidating into the cell you chose.

To consolidate formulas located in different areas on separate worksheets, type an equal sign followed by the word SUM.

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Click onto the cell in the upper left hand corner of the area where you want to place the consolidated data in the master worksheet, making sure to choose an area with enough room on all sides of the worksheet for all of the data you will be consolidating or you will lose data in the consolidation process.26. If the formulas are located in the same areas of different worksheets, create the using the worksheet names and the area.

Reduce hundreds of mouse-clicks and keyboard typing every day for you, say goodbye to the mouse hand now. A window pops out for you selecting a folder to place the combined workbook, then click Save.

Compareed with well-known browsers, the tabbed tool in Office Tab is more powerful and more efficient.

Next, within parentheses, type the name of the worksheet followed by an exclamation point. Type all of the formulas you want to consolidate separating each formula with a comma.

In our daily work, we may encounter a problem that merge hundreds of sheets or workbooks into one sheet for analyzing data which takes a large of time if you use the Copy and Paste command in Excel.

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