Mtv why is she dating him

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In the very first episode itself, she had revealed why she decided to participate in the show.The actress revealed that when her mother asked her as to why she was entering Splitsvilla, she told her mother that she wants to find her prince charming in the dating reality show and marry him!So, yeah, I am having fun."Entertainment Tonight for more on Lizzo, and watch the video below for highlights from Monday's VMAs." data-reactid="34" Lizzo Reveals Her NSFW DMs With Rihanna, Talks Working With Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez (Exclusive) Lizzo Reveals She Was Definitely Drinking Tequila on Stage at the 2019 VMAs: ' I Was Lit!' (Exclusive) " data-reactid="37" Lizzo Reveals She Was Definitely Drinking Tequila on Stage at the 2019 VMAs: 'I Was Lit!w=378" data-large-file=" w=660" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1096389" src=" w=1024&h=680" alt="Lizzo (Melissa Viviane Jefferson) attends the 2019 MTV Video..." width="1024" height="680" srcset=",

Famous people connect with millions of people at a time and everybody is in love with them and everybody wants you and everybody wanna smash and everybody wanna be your best friend, so it's really hard to kind of cipher through the bulls**t and find the real people.

For the actress, the guy needs to be 'cute and tall'.

She, further, added that since she is very hyper and a drama queen (in fact a bit of both), she wants the boy to have patience.

But, I mean, even famous people can be bulls**tters, so I don't know. That's another music video."For now, Lizzo is just focusing on her career and spreading good vibes to her massive fan base.

She hopes her music will be a type of "therapy" for people, just as it has been for her all these years.need"It's definitely intentional; I want to feel good.

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