My dating profile

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For my first photo, she chose one of me posing on a garden bench, smiling in a grey sweater and jeans."My goal when you’re talking to someone on Tinder is for them to swipe right on you," she said.Bonus points if you're actually a dog." Especially because we disconnected my Instagram, she wanted me to mention things about myself. There's a technique I borrow from Hinge: two truths and a lie.You can put that on your description on Tinder, because it generates a conversation," she said.For most people, a few featured photos are enough to make a decision."I would rather you just put your best foot forward," Golden told me.

Disable your Instagram so you can control what you’re putting out there." We settled on three solo pics, one of me and my mom to show I'm close with my family, and one photo that didn't have me in it at all.She analyzed my Tinder profile and let me know what aspects were working in my favor, and what elements could be improved.After implementing the changes, I saw immediate results.This was a surprise to me, and Golden said she wouldn't do this in all instances.In my case, though, she thought a photo of my bookshelf really showed my personality and made for an interesting talking point."I want your profile to be a comprehensive story about you that still portrays you as being attractive," said Golden.

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