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Many people didn't even know that Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps had a girlfriend.

In a recent Facebook post, the reported girlfriend of the Olympic swimmer, Taylor Lianne Chandler, revealed she was born intersex and assigned male at birth, given the name David Roy Fitch.

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In many senses, cautious (but not fearful) is a good quality to possess when deciding whether to get close to another person or not.But you seem to feel being intersexed is even more of a liability than that.One of your first statements about yourself in your letter is: “I am a 38-year old intersex person ( Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome) (italics mine).” You describe yourself as needing to “conceal” your genetic condition, but did you ever ask yourself why you really need to do that, Angela? You don’t need to shout it from the rooftops – no one needs to shout anything about their sexual orientation or gender identity or anything else about them from the rooftops if they don't want to – BUT being intersexed is nothing to apologize for – least of all to your lover/s. You are a lesbian – a person whose gender identity is female and whose sexual orientation is also female.I consulted 3 of the LGBTIQ experts in Philippines – University of Hong Kong Professor Dr Brenda Alegre, UP Diliman Professor Eric Manalastas and UP Tacloban Professor Pierce Docena – and they, too, felt as I did. The situation you are in, vis a vis Susan and Cora, is fraught with infidelity, subterfuge.And the inevitable insecurity and vulnerability that follows IS a relationship problem.

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