My name is stacy dating

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The build team she works with is called The Walschaerts Build Team featuring Nathan_Oneday, the main member and founder of the team; PDawg Woolf, co-founder; Wezarr, head architect; Generic Unicorn, builder; Grayman99, builder; Jaspanda, redstone specialist; Zim_M, architect; Ken Mc Dee, builder; The Irate Sloth, builder; Aaruse, builder, and Emi_Gurumi, builder.

The second book chosen was “Charlotte's Web”, followed by “The Hatchet”, “101 Dalmatians”, “Misty of Chincoteague”, “Island of the Blue Dolphins”, “A Christmas Carol”, and “Journey to the Center of the Earth”.

The series is called "Noob Quest" because Stacy is trying to unlock all the achievements, to finally shed her skin as a "Noob”.

This series marks her longest series she did with another You Tuber.

Stacy and Amy would later come back to play a new series: The Candy Mesa.

Stacy also has a vlog channel called, stacyvlogs, where she gives her viewers short video-blogs about interesting times in her life.

She currently lives in her mountain cabin with her two dogs: Molly and Polly. In March 2019, Stacy announced that her dog, Page had passed away. The Cube SMP is a Survival Multiplayer server, which Stacy joined in March 2014.

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