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Word returns that Duke Orsino of Illyria is dead and Feste returns to find out what is happening.Feste is part of the Fool’s Guild, an organization of fools and troubadours who try to influence politics. This is a whole cozy murder mystery based around a London hat shop.However, she soon learns that the cottage is haunted by former owner Eamon Mc Carthy, who begs her to help clear his name from allegedly murdering his wife. There are three books in the series, hopefully more to come.For those of you who wanted more Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, this is the series for you.Aunty Lee is a quirky, spirited woman who paves her own way.

After Scarlett Parker has a very embarrassing and very public breakup with her married boyfriend in the U.

In modern-day Venice, Commissario Brunetti works to find justice in his cases that cover the complicated world of Venice.

Books typically focus on a particular part of Venetian society, like the glassblowers or casino.

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