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Bathroom were changed to gender neutral, which I appreciated as we’re all equal. The air conditioner for noise control, got a little warm later in the evening.I felt like it was wrong to be at the show as a single male. Bringing the real world problems in to her music and sharing her own personal abortion story was so powerful! Everything I’d hoped for Paramount Theatre - Seattle Amanda is an amazing performer and storyteller. Amazing Paramount Theatre - Seattle Profound, moving, and healing.The messages in this show are incredibly relevant amd important.She shared pain and humor in equal measure in a show that was more art piece than concert.I've seen snippets of Amanda's performances before.

Miscarriage, the pitfalls of motherhood, the decision period between birth and abortion, the loss of a best friend, radical compassion.

“If there is a burden, it’s that it’s so difficult to get the balance right. I often need to shut everything off and go take a bath or sit in the yard with my kid and play with snow.

That was one of the reasons I found it so difficult to make a decision about whether or not to have a child—I really loved this job and I was enjoying my life, and getting better and better at learning how to serve a community as a musician.

Just meh The Pageant - St Louis Felt pretty restricted as a patron.

Got there a half hour early to realize they weren’t serving alcohol after the show began. So I was forced to wait til after the first song to sit.

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