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Both my husband and myself were woken by the footsteps and confronted the man in the cockpit from behind a locked main cabin door. When the marina office opened we contacted them and they were very helpful in relaying our information to the marina management, it is uncertain if marina management contacted the police.

The man quickly jumped off the boat and ran down the dock letting himself out through the security gate. It was later learned that other boats had been boarded the same night.

He jumped overboard as they approached and claimed that he had not taken anything (TRUE) and that there was another man onboard (UNTRUE).

The owners called PAYS on VHF and they came to the area ashore and recognized the man, but did not detain him as they believed he had a knife.

They entered the main cabin and wrestled the owner to the floor.A call on Channel 16 to the local authorities was sent but NO RESPONSE. Two people beaten and tied, boarder left jacket; police identified from that; arrested two; some items look to be those taken from May incident; 22 july - 2 men sentenced to 6 yrs (same guys as May incident); 16 Oct 3rd man arrested, released on bail as juvenile Boarded by 3 men armed with gun, machete and knife; tied up crew with duct tape; beat wife (black eye) smashed VHF; stole dinghy to get to shore (recovered by police); 22 July 2 men sentenced to 2 years each (same guys as June incident); 16 Oct 3rd man arrested, released on bail as juvenile Motoryacht owners decided to snorkel in an area about 100m from their yacht.They noticed a local open motor boat with one man aboard idling slowly around the anchorage, and saw him tie up to a nearby mooring, jump in, swim to their boat, climb the ladder and enter their salon.When the owners returned to their boat at 1700 HRS they discovered a man inside their boat.He had broken the lock to gain access and rummaged the saloon and cabins in an apparent search for cash (there was none).

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