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Looking back, I probably could have prepared better but I don't blame him for being apprehensive on spending money on tickets.It especially doesn't help that one of the first impressions he got of me was my card's expiration date hitting while in the middle of shopping...Disney, Universal, and Seaworld might be the main ones, but tons of putt-putt, museums, and other stuff from what I remember but it's been years since I've been.

Then we can cripple the matter of distance for good!But yeah, I know where you're coming from, originally I was gonna take him to a concert down here, but he said he wasn't really one for loud music or large crowds.Well if price is an issue (and that is a legitimate concern if it is an issue), there are tons of lesser attractions in the area as well.Like going to a restaurant it need not be a famous/renowned one just needs to have good food and ambiance for atmosphere wise . I almost thought it was a whole yard given the first photo in the thread. Krabs called, he said he wants his legs back (even though he obviously sold those). For example, fast food places (Sonics and Five Guys) but both were tasty, much preferred Sonics though as those Five Guys burgers were just overly expensive and not really worth the cost of the burger. Another example, we went to Joe's Crab Shack (as seen in images above) and talk about AMAZING!I wonder if that can also give away fictionally homicidal maniacs...*Stereotypical tsundere mode*... Aaanyhoe, I would probably show some kind of emotions, but the cultivated image of myself as a fictional insane killing machine doesn't let me so, umm... Sonics had a great blue slushie with nerds in it which was surprisingly great and I had another on the way back to the airport during the half price happy hour, and frankly a little over 1 dollar for that is really sweet! I also had a Sonics Chilli Dog when there, for the sole reason that I can now say I have had a Sonic Chilli Dog! I can say without a doubt that meal was the greatest meal of my entire life!

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