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Shopwiki is in all of our programs and we work closely to make sure their promotions are optimized each month.They are one of those affiliates that give you consistent sales every month forever! Listen to find out how to win our last Affiliate Summit East Gold Pass!From their About Us page: Shop Wiki is a guide designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. Our wiki buying guides help you decide the best products to buy and where to buy them. The Ancestry Insider reports on, defends, and constructively criticizes these two websites and associated topics.

Heath is the Merchant Relations Manager for Shopwiki and we met at Share ASale’s Think Tank 11 in Chicago.

In addition, Family Search will donate to the National Archives a copy of all the digital images and the associated indexes and other metadata that they create.

This agreement is one of a series of agreements that the National Archives has reached or will reach with partners to digitize portions of its holdings.

3.3 GSU hereby assigns to NARA all copyright that GSU does or may own in and to the Digitized Images by virtue of having created digital copies of original documents in the public domain. GSU will own all copyright and other intellectual property rights to the Digitized Materials (the Digitized Images with the associated metadata). Ancestry's owner, The Generations Network, has posted its Copyright Policy and in it they claim copyright on "content ...

I find it highly troubling that Family Search claims copyright in digitized images of public domain documents and if this clause made it into the final agreement, by signing the agreement NARA implicitly acknowledges that doctrine. created by us, or by third parties as work for hire, or where the copyright has been assigned to us." I hope that since the policy doesn't explicitly make claim to copyright in digitized public domain documents, that that is a reflection of the corporation's policy on the issue.

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