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For The Cause - "The Benefit Gala is the most significant fundraising event for the Refuge, and is instrumental in allowing the facility to remain open and accessible to all, year-round," explained Refuge Executive Director Michael J. For The Cause - "We are very grateful to both our friend Dorothy Lichtenstein and the Estate of Roy Lichtenstein for giving this summer's party its heart and soul," explained Tom Edmonds, Executive Director of the Southampton History Museum."What could be more perfect for an early July celebration in a seaside town?Las chicas disfrutaron de su mutua compañía y muchos se arriesgaron a insinuar una probable relación entre las dos jóvenes princesas, incluso se dice, que Justin Bieber se puso celoso de Cara y la llamó insistentemente para preguntarle sobre lo que estaba pasando entre ellas. For The Cause - "We are launching our new branding at this Benefit which was inspired by this campaign that we are all connected in this one world we share.William Karesh, who coined the term 'One Health' which recognizes that the health of people is connected to the health of animals and the environment," Dr. Within The Hedges - "The school is such an extraordinary environment for board members as well as students," said Brooke Shields, a board member."The school teaches you so much about figurative art and the departure of figurative art." Within The Hedges - "We all know the rate of breast cancer out here in Long Island is one of the highest in the country," Jean Shafiroff told the room, as she introduced Julie.

For The Cause - "I'm so excited for LTV's Comedy Benefit -- with all the fundraisers out east this summer, we humbly think this will be the most FUN one of the season -- lots of laughs, great food, cool Host committee and a lineup of stellar comedians--all to benefit public access television on the East End," shared Angela La Greca.

"When you start to talk about it, Alzheimer's is everywhere.

There are so many people here that live with it." For The Cause - "All proceeds to benefit CCOM's water quality monitoring and preservation initiativesas part of their ongoing mission to preserve and protect Montauk and its beautiful waters," explained Laura Tooman.

For The Cause - "Nothing means more to me than teaching children about the environment.

It's important to remember that animals, like humans, have homes, and it's our responsibility as stewards of the planet to sustain and protect the natural world," remarked Andy Sabin, President of the SOFO Board of Directors, avid environmentalist, conservationist and wildlife enthusiast.

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