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In June 1945, the prohibition against speaking with German children was made less strict.In July, it became possible to speak to German adults in certain circumstances.Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, Eisenhower's counterpart, was against the ban, and it was lifted in July 1945.Many schools and universities prohibit certain relationships between teachers/lecturers and students to avoid favoritism, coercion, sexual harassment, and/or sex crimes enabled by the teacher's position of authority.Marriages between US soldiers and Austrian women were not permitted until January 1946 and with German women until December 1946.The British military had a similar ban in place for their troops during the Allied occupation.The prohibitions are controversial, however, as they may come into conflict with rules on tenure, for example if unethical conduct is suspected but not confirmed.Court decisions in some US states have allowed employers a limited legal right to enforce non-fraternization policies among employees, forbidding them to maintain certain kinds of relationships with one another.

Many institutions worldwide implement policies forbidding forms of fraternization for many specific reasons.Fraternization may be forbidden to maintain image and morale, to protect and ensure fair and uniform treatment of subordinates, to maintain organizational integrity and the ability to achieve operational goals, and to prevent unauthorized transfers of information.Relations and activities forbidden under anti-fraternization policies may be romantic and sexual liaisons, gambling and ongoing business relationships, insubordination, or excessive familiarity and disrespect of rank.General Dwight Eisenhower ordered "No Fraternization" between US troops and the German people.Over a period of many months, the policy was loosened, first by permitting US GIs to talk to German children and then allowing them to talk to adults, both in certain circumstances.

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