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- Do not include that subnet's scope in any superscope that is configured on the DHCP server's LAN segment.Make sure there is only one logical route between the server and the remote clients.Make sure that the server's IP address falls in the same IP network ID as the scope it is servicing.For example, a server with IP address in the192.168.0.0 network cannot assign addresses from a scope like10.0.0.0, unless superscoping is used.

Example: If you have multiple Wi Fi Access points then chances of Wi Fi Signaling issues, or multiple dhcp scope servers on network, etc.This behavior may be caused by one of the following scenarios: Scenario1 Changed IP address on DHCP server and now clients cannot get IP addresses.Scenario2 DHCP clients across router from DHCP server are unable to get an address from the server. To resolve each possible cause, use one of these solutions: Solution for Scenario1 A DHCP server can only service requests for a scope whose network ID is the same as the network ID of its IP address.Solution for Scenario2 A DHCP server can provide IP addresses to client computers spanning multiple subnets if the router that separates them can act as an RFC1542 (BOOTP) relay agent.Configure a BOOTP/DHCP Relay Agent on the client segment.

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