Nod32 2 7 not updating

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Unfortunately, my pc was recently infected and it is bad.After going through a few antivirus\/spyware\/malware programs, things have improved slightly, but there are still problems.You are sooo right about making backups, which I didn't do. Formatting is likely the best thing I could do right now, but I'm not sure where to start. Please, if you can, point me in the right direction of a thread or website that would help me.For instance, I'm assuming everything needs to be cleared out, but how? Well, formatting gets rid of everything, so you don't need to worry about that.Lastly, when I do a web search and click on one of the links given, I am redirected to other sites that are usually trying to get me to dl software or buy something. Unfortunately, my pc was recently infected and it is bad.

This is why you have backups of anything important.Transfer the file to the problem machine, then install the "Gogetum.exe" file, then run the update to get the program current..After that, run a full system scan and delete anything it finds.I am currently running Norton and Super Antispyware and I can\u0027t update either.I have a connection, but everytime I hit update, the error messages say no connection found.

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