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Simply someone looking out for himself and not overly concerned with the greater good his office should be about.

He has waffled and back tracked on several important issues where he should have stood a higher moral ground.

Saw Sanaa Lathan in AVP and basically thought she stole the film from a very talented cast. As a viewer, I was fairly entertained during the first third -- the romantic part -- and then watched in silent horror as the film just starts to unravel as it winds inexorably to the conclusion.

Could not understand why I had not seen more of her so I googled here and there and tracked down a copy of Something New. The lady is a talented actress, the camera loves her, and she held her own here against a terrible script and terrible direction. As a critic, I could not help but wonder how this interesting premise might have been better handled with the right people behind the camera ...

Over time, they hit it off, but Kenya's reservations about the acceptance their romance will find among her friends and family threatens everything.

An intelligent romantic comedy that chooses to deal with issues of race and perception in a straight-forward way, from a point of view not often seen: that of a successful, upper-class black woman.

When it was time to take the script to the studios, the initial feedback wasn’t what she expected: Finally after a year and a half, [we] felt it was good enough and went out with it. And I kept getting the feedback that it was “too soft,” which I just didn’t know what that meant, how is it soft?

Because really, every man wants a woman in his life who’s willing to lick the sweat off their ass. #Life Goals Lathan on playing pick-up games on set: They threw me into them all the time, that was part of my training.It is the storybook ending for a movie scripted in 2000 which still resonates to this day.However, when Prince-Bythewood wrote the script, the WNBA didn’t exist.But I never picked up another basketball after that.Because it was such a traumatic, emotional experience the whole auditioning process, like it really was.

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