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There’s pressure to find A Relationship, at any cost.As a result, we end up being uncomfortable with the idea of, well… And so we keep throwing ourselves at the problem, and then wonder why it leaves us feeling like ten pounds of shit in a five pound sack.It feels like the voice of experience telling you that there’s no point.It’s the feeling that you’ve been doing as much as you can and there’s nothing left When you’re facing dating burnout, you start to lose your drive.

Increased oxygen intake and blood flow makes us feel more energized and reduces stress.

What joy you may have experienced in connecting with people is gone. And as far as you’re concerned, every lonely Friday night and empty Saturday is just proof that you’re fucked.

Dating has gone from being something you approach with a heart full of hope and a head full of dreams to something you dread. You are going to die alone and unloved and every unanswered text is just more proof of this. “You’ve done all you can.” “You’re not doing any better.” “There’s no point”. You did things differently last time and look what happened?

As many people reading this can tell you: dating can take its toll on you. It’s very easy to get a nasty case of dating burnout.

One of the hardest things to do in dating is to keep your emotional energy up.

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