Otaku love dating

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In the case of Enterbrain’s title, Amagami falls into the dating sim realm.Junichi hasn’t had much luck with the ladies as of late as he’s been dumped on numerous occasions.

However that shouldn’t stop anyone of any age to give it a shot, since it does a great job of selling you on Junichi’s heartbreaking beginnings, which you then can control to create a happier ending.Now he resents going back into the dating world in fear that he may get hurt again.However, something triggers him to have a change of heart during christmas and now six girls confront him but only one of them can be chosen.All of these parts have their own unique gameplay and are incorporated into the story to help you solve clues along the way.The story lasts for 11 days and so you’ll be spending a lot of your time getting to know these love interests while digging up information on Rika and her mysterious schemes.

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