Outlook offline address book not updating exchange 2016

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Because of this, a new user may not be visible in the address book, or changes to a user’s name, address, etc.

may not be available even though such changes have been made in Active Directory.

When trying to perform a manual download (Send and Receive - Download Address Book), it wasn’t in the list.

Also when using the “Test EMail Auto Configuration..” (by holding CTRL and right click on Outlook System Tray icon) to examine the Auto Discover information, there was no OAB URL (OABUrl in XML) being sent to the clients.

Therefore, different people will receive updates at different, random times.

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Murray has been working in IT for over 15 years specializing in the Messaging Arena and in particular IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange and now of course Office 365.I'm not sure what to do as having to fix machines manually including mail profiles for multiple users will be to many as there's heaps of staff affected.My problem was the virtualdirectories of the OAB, when I searched in powershell for "Get-Offline Address Book -identity Your OAB | fl *virtual* i received the following: Virtual Directories : And that "Exchange Back End" was my problem, changed it to "Default Web Site" restarted the IIS Service, gave it some minutes and then it finally worked!*** NOTE: The GAL is essentially a real-time / online representation of AD Objects that are Mail Enabled for Microsoft Exchange *** The GAL contains information for all email enabled users, Distribution Groups, and Shared Mailboxes and Exchange Resource Mailboxes.GAL Objects are directly viewable in the Exchange Management Console/Shell and OWA and Microsoft Outlook BUT ONLY IN ONLINE MODE – The GAL will only present objects that have AD Attributes beginning with ms EXCH* (and some others) populated that it uses to filter on.

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