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Adam Sandler joked that the new baby’s name was Grown Ups 3.Paul Thomas Anderson was previously in a romantic relationship with singer Fiona Apple.The last song she wrote for the album was “Parting Gift,” which she calls “a song for all my ex-boyfriends, saying I love them, and thank you for all this stuff, but I think I’m finally kind of done writing about you all. All my relationships have evolved into these friendships, and it’s impossible to use them as material anymore.” Could Fiona Apple have found peace, or—God forbid—closure? It’s been so long since Apple’s sprawling, visionary second album, When the Pawn … After six years, she’s back with the excellent Extraordinary Machine—which comes complete with a juicy backstory; more on that later—and she’s still dissecting relationships with self-analytical bravado.Take the riveting dirge “O’ Sailor.” First, she’s conflicted about him. Finally she admits she “also saved myself / by never believing you, dear.” That’s just the first verse.If you’re repressed and self-pitying, then Morrissey is eternally ready to feel your pain.Smart, neurotic fuckups with a steely inner will and unrelenting emotional honesty are harder to find, however—and that’s where Fiona Apple comes in.

The singer/songwriter is the queen of therapized lyric writing, not content with an insight until she’s fessed up to her own complicity.The Cliffs Notes version goes like this: Apple started working with her longtime producer, Jon Brion, in 2002; unsure of what she wanted, she left Brion to finish the record; Sony supposedly rejected the baroque result; Apple was also unsatisfied, but the label demanded she submit one rerecorded song at a time for approval (Sony denies this); Brion’s version was leaked on the Internet and praised by critics; a Website called Free Fiona inspired fans to picket Sony’s New York offices; finally, earlier this year, she redid most of the album with Mike Elizondo, known for his work with Dr Dre. She doesn’t seek controversy, but somehow it always finds her—she’s like the ex-girlfriend your friend is still besotted with but you’re suspicious of because she’s such a drama magnet.Her first hit, “Criminal,” was accompanied by a controversial video with overtones of child porn.A big hooplah was made about the unwieldy title, but the content of the record served to further solidify her standing as a serious musician. He was one of the first of the "video store" generation of film-makers.

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