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To qualify for State pension (contributory) you must have Note: You need a yearly average of 10 full ­rate contributions to get the minimum payment rate of State pension (contributory).

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Where the problem arises is that to be deductible pension contributions need to be "reasonable".

So in future always tell them first that there are two directors and more than one fee earner.

Hi In answer to the questions: (a) We are not marrried. She is a fee earner (but not the main one) bringing in about £25K per year based on a 3 day a week contract. Thanks - Iguy Total remuneration (salary pension) must be "reasonable" for the duties involved.

IMHO, you should be seeking advice from a tax specialist accountant for the non-investment aspects of your decision.

From January 2014, pension age in Ireland became 66.

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