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Gloria's mother eventually gave her Michael's phone number and persuaded her to call him. He gave me counseling, we prayed and he really encouraged me to battle on in my life." When Gloria discovered that she was HIV positive, she fell into a bottomless pit of despair. It was through him that she met her future husband, she calls him John. She was terrified that her child, a son, would be born HIV positive. But when he was six months old, the doctors were able to confirm that he had been born HIV negative.

Michael says he has 7,000 people on his books seeking a partner.

The shock from an HIV diagnosis often makes people want to wait before dating again.

Sometimes it takes time to build up the strength and confidence to want to do this.

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Those who know they are infected generally keep this knowledge to themselves. 35-year-old Gloria is one of the women whom Michael has been able to help.Deciding to meet other positive people has a lot of advantages and one of the easiest ways to make contact with people is to use the internet.The community forums at include a personals section that has free registration and many thousands of international users (including from the UK). You do not have to live alone just because of your HIV status.() Award-winning HIV/AIDS campaigner in Zimbabwe, Martha Tholanah, is calling for the inclusion of minority groups in national reproductive health programs in order to fight stigma and discrimination.() At least 30 people have been killed in a triple suicide bombing in Nigeria Kenyan patient declared free of Ebola, as Congo and Uganda fight the outbreak South Africa amplifies its campaign against HIV/AIDS by encouraging people with high risk of infection to go for testing and use Pr EP, Aids preventative medicine.

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