Play kaleidoscope dating sim 2

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You play as Cero, an insomniac trapped in a Dream World.

This unique and original dating simulation was created in Flash, drawn by the talented and famous artist Mayuiki and coded by Kyo, sponsored by

At a part time job you partake in there are your friendly boss, Alfred, the gentleman but flirty Ian, and the timid and shy Ryu who is a waiter just like Ian at the cafe.

You couldn't be more blessed with these people around you.

The second one is: danni which gives u 10100 money and 1050 hp. In the sims 2 for PC, yes, i know for sure you can, same with the PS2. Maybe it works with boolprop testingcheatsenabled true... keching- gives sim family 1,000 sim dollars motherlode- gives a sim family 50,000 sim dollars moveobjects on/off- allows you to move things that you cannot usually move ex: mailbox, trash bin. Does boolprop testingcheatsenabled true sound familiar? ;p bool Prop textingcheats Enabled true in the box that appears when yoou hold crtl shift and c .

in the sims 2, without hacks there are only two ways ways to end a pregnancy. I am not sure how to use the cheats with other game consoles, but I use neoseeker when I try to find the sims 2 cheats. for PC : first, open the cheat box ( ctrl shift C ) then enter boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. the Sims 2 and the Sims 2 double deluxe are the same thing. CONTROL SHIFT C, "forcetwins" make sim have twins "frocetriplets" makes sim have triplets "quadforce" makes sim have quads "motherlode" gives sim family 50,000 "keching" gives sim family 1,000 "maxmotives" makes sim mood go to full temporarily, just renter the code. maxmotives- makes yous sims all fully content Aspriration Points # 1-5… hold shift when you click your sim and make a vampire should appear somewhere in the chooses or its in the sim modder baby. you cant have triplets or quadruplets but i have heard there are some cheats to get those.

The sequel to Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 1, here you play as Soffie, a beautiful girl who ends up in the Dream World. In order to leave the World, she must find a Soul Mate.

You will have the option of creating any type of campsite you want, because you are the campsite owner who is fully in charge!

The way to do it with the cheats is type in the boolprop cheat. those 2 really help (but you need the expansion pack open for buisness to be able to make cheesecake).The supercheat is 'pokerface.' I don't plan on telling you what it does, only that it works.Illusions Dating Sim Game You play as a newly transfered student at Oshima Sakura Gakuen who is enthusiastic at the move. Your favorite local band, Illusions, hosts live performances in the area!(Yes, I calculated as the maximum stat is 99 and you begin with 10 points for each of the section... SHINee Dating Interactive is a free online dating game that you can play here on 8iz.

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