Polyamory dating seattle

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Too many lookyloos or chances for non poly people to be jerks.

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2017-05-21 Interesting new experience 2017-08-25 After 2 years I can finally actually enjoy anal!

2017-08-30 I just heard a phrase and it kind of blew me away. I'm so used to people on Ok Cupid messaging me to bash on my lifestyle, but I still try to remain civil in hopes that I see better outcomes. 2017-09-28 How do you feel about having sex with a larger partner?

2018-06-19 TIFU by being a dirty cheater in Skyrim, and ruining my Dawnguard experience 2018-07-19 I(F27) am willing to give up everything to travel and grow with my partner (M29) but he believes I'll regret it? 2018-08-20 To the girls that pretended to be my friends when someone was following me at night, thank you. 2018-09-06 When I started my job, the guy who trained me said "When addressing clients in emails and letters, always address the man first because its proper etiquette to address the head of the household first." 2018-10-02 My neighbor and friend agreed to help with something while I was town, and completely let me down.

2018-10-18 I (27f) live my job, but am feeling incredibly conflicted due to my bosses (61f) treatment of my coworkers.

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