Problem with updating super genie vijeo citect

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added a sleep(2) but that just stopped the function running.

to upgrading to Vijeo Citect 7.20, identify and record Super Genie instance page environment variables.

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Ensure that the Incremental Compile menu option (in Project Editor Tools Options) is not checked, or set [CTEDIT] INCREMENTALCOMPILE=0. trend tags, reports, events) may experience Invalid time format compile errors after upgrading to Service Pack 2. Issue "Wrong Type For Text Display" Hardware Alarms When Calling CSV_Alarms_Popup Menu A user triggers a popup via right clicking on one of the alarms from the section displaying the last 3 alarms on a CSV page and selecting the tag name.Important: All projects must be upgraded and recompiled after installing this Service Pack. Vijeo Citect version 7.0 Service Pack 2 1 Known Issues: This Service Pack contains the known issues described below. Install Path and File added _Program Files Folder_\Schneider Electric\Vijeo Citect\Web Server\client0\Citect SCADAWeb Client_7_0_2_6Vijeo Citect version 7.0 Service Pack 2 11 Issues Resolved in this Service Pack This Service Pack resolves the issues described below.Failure to do so will result in conflicting database size messages. Table 2 - Known Issues Issue Protocols are missing from the IO Devices form after installation of a v7 service pack French and German machines may experience this issue if drivers have been installed after the original Vijeo Citect install. If you have any hotfixes installed on your current version, please check if they are included in this service pack.Hope this helps, Regards, Hi Gary, thanks for the reply but all environment variables are empty in both versions, I am using the fx below to set the pens am I just missing something with the code?IF Str To Int(Page Info(7)) =0 THEN Trn Set Pen(25, 1, Assinfo(1,0)); Trn Set Pen(25, 2, Ass Info(2,0)); END This might not be relevant , but any changes to trends can cause some problem with the history files.

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