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But it does sometimes feel overwhelming; even Facebook’s reboot of has been occasionally tough to watch as the roommates discuss racism, homophobia, and immigration.There are times when you need to shut off that part of your brain in order to preserve your energy, and your sense of only one of the many trashy and infectious dating reality shows this year that I’ve become temporarily obsessed with, shows that are ideal for lazy summer afternoon viewings and that provide a nice antidote to heavier scripted dramas.Back in January, the USA network debuted a reboot of FOX’s which originally ran from 2001 to 2003.Take ’s premiere, where a man unironically explains that he came on the show because he’s trying to “find someone in an organic way.” There is nothing surprising about any of this: you can barely make it through an episode without someone talking about how they have “trust issues” because they were cheated on so they “built up walls” and it takes a long time for them to “let someone in.” (The “long time” is usually one to two weeks.) If you want to get wasted, take a drink whenever someone talks about putting their eggs all in one basket.These series provide a great, welcoming break from how heavy everything else feels, both in the real world and on screen.Reality television, and particularly this subgenre of it, can feel similar to unplugging or engaging in self-care.

Television tends to respond to politics, so it makes sense why so many series lately feel both dour and dire—which isn’t a bad thing!

USA’s reboot didn’t feel as fresh as the original series, but it’s still a low-stakes way to kill a few hours—it’s strange how less stressful these real couples feel than the fictional ones on HBO.: people are paired into couples and share a room; there is one person left over who has to pair up by the end of the week or be evicted from the “hotel.” The winning couple has to individually decide if they want to split the 0,000 prize with each other or keep it.

With only seven episodes, the 2019 season was breezy and full of laughable, engaging drama between couples you will never see again.

Kai and Jenna, the most explosive couple, literally alternate between screaming at each other and furiously making out. (Yet the strangest thing about The draw of these series is this inherent ridiculousness, the idiocy of the basic premises, the enduring garbage antics.

At one point, while basically dry-humping in the middle of the floor, they yell “You’re toxic! The appeal is that they are impossible to take seriously, even when the contestants themselves are grave.

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