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According to our bizarre theory, in this transitional stage, they might have a strongly negative reaction to any woman who challenges them to be more male than they are able to be.

That would explain the patently inexplicable phenomenon of why one such as N (or my buddy K) would get “picture rejected” time after time in by men in the dating pool.

When a man is able to do this, a woman should know he will not disappoint her in bed as well.

This is the kind of man who is able to bring out the best in a woman emotionally and physically.

Are these guys looking to date only women who have been Miss Universe within the last five years ? More likely than not, they will reject a woman who appears confident about herself and her place in the world - someone who is not in need of a man's validation of her worth.

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In short, imminently avoidable irrespective of the woman's relationship goals. And so on a Friday evening, when her son is with her ex, N has to content herself chatting with a girlfriend instead of being out on an exciting date with a man who can for a few hours dissolve the many stresses of the week, make her laugh and feel totally desirable.N loves guys who don’t ask to see a picture (are thrilled if she sends them some), are curious to learn what she is all about, enjoy talking to her and set up a date just to get to know her better. I tell N, may it’s not men – it’s all those pesticides at work feminizing them.This is the kind of man who makes her want to look her absolute best on their date - exceed any expectations he may have had. Maybe we reason, they are going through this transitional phase when they are losing touch with the masculine in them but have not become fully feminine yet.Whether or not the relationship works out in the end, he would have impacted her life in a positive way.“In a way, it’s good for me to get rejected by guys based on my looks” N laughed.

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