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On the other hand, depleted uranium is naturally generated as a byproduct of nuclear fission, meaning its production cost is essentially nil for countries like the US, Russia, France and others.Osmium is the debut album of American funk band Parliament, Since its re-release in 1990, Osmium has been distributed numerous times by various labels in the U.The image on the left is the thallus or body of the algae. The bottom one contains some asexual spores, but sexual spores have also been found.

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The fact that they're significantly less than 1.2 billion years old will likely reassure biologists who were previously skeptical of the fossil, said Timothy Gibson, lead author of the new study published earlier in December in the journal Geology.

"So it looks like there will be more debates about these things in the future! Gibson and Halverson's study was coauthored by researchers from Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, Calif., the California Institute of Technology, the University of Alberta, and the Geological Survey of Canada.

It was funded by the Agouron Institute, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Polar Continental Shelf Program, the Geological Association of Canada and the Geological Society of America.

They camped on the tundra in lightweight tents at the tops of sea cliffs to avoid polar bears, then scrambled down to collect samples with simple rock hammers.

Once back at the lab, the researchers measured the amount of radioactive rhenium-187, a rare radioactive isotope found in seawater that accumulates in organic matter and decays to osmium-187.

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