Risks of non sedating antihistamines

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You’ll likely receive activated charcoal in the hospital.This product is used in emergency situations to help reverse the effects of poisoning.They act on histamine-1 receptors in the periphery and are unlikely to penetrate the brain, so are less likely to cause side effects or interact with drugs.Most second-generation antihistamines do not cause drowsiness, although some (such as cetirizine and fexofenadine), may be more likely to do so at higher dosages.An antihistamine overdose, also called antihistamine poisoning, occurs when there’s too much of the medication in your body.

Antihistamine overdose treatment focuses on stabilizing your health and providing supportive care.

Be mindful that some antihistamines include other ingredients like a decongestant.

If you take these types of antihistamines, it’s important that you don’t take a separate decongestant..

Symptoms of an overdose usually appear within six hours of taking too much antihistamine.

Your symptoms may start off mild and then gradually worsen over time.

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