Riva tims dating

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But what the public wasn’t privy to were the behind-the-scenes details of what was really going on.

According to Riva Tims, ex-wife of the pastor who was found dead in a NY hotel in 2011 under the suspicion of drug use—just two years after their divorce was finalized in August 2009—her then husband was engaged in multiple affairs.

Lord, let us fix our eyes on what is eternal and not on the temporal.

God, during this time of reflection, I thank you for renewing my spirit daily.

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We see people who are famous and popular as rock stars. Lord as you cultivate my heart, let the ground of my spirit be fertile so it can receive and multiply the seed that is sown through your word. Let our light afflictions make our faith stronger as we are shaped in your image and... Zach Tims died less than one week after the family vacation.Pastor Riva rebuked all evil spirits in the name of Jesus and assured her flock she will survive the tragedy of her ex-husband’s passing.

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