Role of women dating in nigerian culture

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Among the Igbos, the period of courtship comprises the first meeting, other meetings of the two people concerned, the mutual inquiries conducted by both extended families and the state of friendship leading into the actual celebration of the marriage.

Many a murder, many an abortion and other crimes and shocking sins have been committed in the name of love.For the Igbo, love is much deeper, more important than the emotional feigns.For -them love is not merely motivated by physical beauty.This however does hot mean that the two groups lived in two different worlds or that they were like parallel lines that never meet. Moreover, none of them cola ever grow up in a ghetto since, each village usually farmed in a common land, fetched water from the game stream frequented the same market and played on the same play-ground. Marwick had in mind, when he remarked that "in Africa, the traditional way of life is intensely personal cats and drinks, talks and works and plays and hunts and perhaps fights alongside the same set of people.

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