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Any party affiliation other than the Nazi party; or any perspective voiced other than that of the Nazis, was equated with being unpatriotic.

The museum had numerous pictures of political leaders publically shamed before being sent to prison for their opposition to the Nazis.

The most important element of the success of the Nazi party was how it played on people’s needs and emotions to gain popular acceptance.

Through the complete manipulation of the flow of information, along with providing just enough economic improvement to lift the people’s spirits; the general populace supported the Nazi regime.

In such an atmosphere many Germans who had no interest in Jews and who were not necessarily anti-Semitic, became indifferent to the fate of the Jews; as the regime gave them just enough progress and just enough pride in the nation to keep them quiet.

Even keeping all of this in mind, it is important to note that between the summer elections of 1932 and the November elections of 1932, the Nazi party lost 5% of its electoral support.

Third, we need to condemn and fight any singling out of specific ethnic, religious, or social groups.

This is nothing but an attempt to create straw figures for the political advantage of those seeking power.

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