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Also, see – Best platform games for Android You can claim this package once you complete the number of goals.After claiming the package, you need to wait for many hours to get benefit from this feature.

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If you have gems, then you can exchange them for cash.

No wonder singles think they’re better off being single rather than go online looking for love. It feels like it’s catering to the whims and fancies of users, at the same time, users go in with a preconceived checklist of their ‘soul mate,’ both of which are doomed from the start.

Anyway, morose thoughts about love aside, a new dating/matchmaking app called SCORE, wishes to change this by making anonymity an integral part of the user experience.

Once the tutorial ends, the player can manage all the things manually.

Score Match game features many types of matches; Junior, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, Deluxe, Premier, Supreme, Elite, Master, and Legend.

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