Sedating your donkey

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While we used KI 27 to correct the direction of fl ow in meridians, it then helped to sedate the Triple Warmer to induce relaxation.

I did this on Colonel in preparation for the next step. Strengthening its Yin, the Lung meridian can be done in various ways.

To be able to fully rest and rejuvenate it is important to feel safe, but this won’t be possible as long as the Triple Warmer is still on alert.

Stroking with a flat hand against the normal direction of fl ow will sedate a meridian.

TTouch can relieve not just physical pain, but also restore emotional balance and a sense of well being.

For Colonel, I used “feathering” by lightly utilizing flicking motions of my hand, starting at his upper neck and going all the way to his thighs.

Grief is as real and impactful in horses as in people, though it may not always be readily observable.Massaging the end points of the Kidney meridians for even two or three minutes has the power to restore the normal direction of flow.To do this as a first step will increase the efficacy of any other therapeutic interventions that follow.Shilo, a 35-year-old Appaloosa mare, had never been too friendly with the two geldings she had lived with for many years.Yet when the day arrived for her planned euthanasia, Jimmy and Colonel became upset as the mare was led away from the pasture they had inhabited as a trio for so long.

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