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Harper Academic is the academic marketing department of Harper Collins.

Harper Academic provides instructors with the latest in adult titles for course adoption at the high school and college level, as well as titles for first-year and other common read programs at academic institutions.

It was announced to employees privately and then later in the day on November 5, 2012, that Harper Collins was closing its remaining two U. warehouses, in order to merge shipping and warehousing operations with R. Several office positions and departments continued to work for Harper Collins in Scranton, but in a new location. Tolkien's work in 1990 when Unwin Hymen was bought.

“We have taken a long-term, global view of our print distribution and are committed to offering the broadest possible reach for our authors," said Harper Collins Chief Executive Brian Murray, according to Publishers Weekly."We are retooling the traditional distribution model to ensure we can competitively offer the entire Harper Collins catalog to customers regardless of location.” Company officials attribute the closings and mergers to the rapidly growing demand for e-book formats and the decline in print purchasing. Harper Collins also acquired the publishing rights to J. This is a list of some of the more noted books, and series, published by Harper Collins and their various imprints and merged publishing houses.

the survey was conducted in December 2018 as part of a series of audience surveys on Instagrammable destinations, accents and more," she said.

From 2009 to 2010, they operated Bookarmy, a social networking site.They also attend several major academic conferences to showcase new titles for academic professionals.Harper Academic Calling, a podcast produced by the department, provides interviews with authors of noteworthy titles. The name is a combination of several publishing firm names: Harper & Row, an American publishing company acquired in 1987 (whose own name was the result of an earlier merger of Harper & Brothers (founded 1817) and Row, Peterson & Company), together with UK publishing company William Collins, Sons (founded 1819), acquired in 1990. The company is headquartered in New York City and is a subsidiary of News Corp.

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