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The old house that been initially there was then torn down, and in its stead, he built a 10,642 square foot home in its place.

If you look at Google Maps, you can see that in June of 2012 Crosby was finishing up the construction of his Edgeworth mansion.

In recent years, however, some fans have been criticizing him over whether or not he should remain the representative of the Penguins due to political reasons.

When Halifax decided to name a street after him that same year, President Donald Trump invited the team to visit the White House.

Sidney Crosby grew up in this small town as a prodigy of hockey, according to many of his friends, coaches, and relatives.

As a laid-back, modest person, he’s not the type to directly boast about his winnings or fortune – he’s a hometown kind of guy and hasn’t lost his “good ole boy” vibes.

As one of the most notable and secretive homes, Crosby purchased a property in Sewickley, near Halifax and Nova Scotia, in 2011 for 0,000.

As a working-class town, Cole Harbour is known to have its traditions set in stone, with the same people living there for generations and a reputation as a safe, hard-working community.

Sidney Crosby, known as “Sid, the Kid” when he was young, frequently treasures this place as his home, as you can tell by the three homes he owns right by the town itself.

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