Ski sports dating

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There are few things I dislike more than the always-crowded, outrageously expensive sport of skiing (or snowboarding).And while I know I’m not alone in my aversion, after years of watching the weekend exoduses of mountain-bound Subarus from November to April, it sure feels like it.After all, it doesn’t matter whether I join my man on the slopes or seek out my own adventures—there’s still a place for me in the Forester.editor when we first started dating), and we built our relationship through a shared obsession with the sport.When the first flakes fell in the mountains this year, I was even more excited than my carvaholic boyfriend.As our second ski season starts, I have destinations of my own in mind: Crested Butte, Telluride, maybe even Utah.

We scouted some lines from the tram, then took turns deciding what run we’d ski next.In Taos, while he yard-saled down a narrow chute (he was fine), I snowshoed to a glossy alpine lake, where the only sounds were my muted footsteps and the fir trees sighing in the frigid air.On another trip, I went trail running on freshly fallen snow in White River National Forest while Sean braved Aspen Mountain with three buddies.Since getting married and having two children, we don’t get to ski together as much as we used to, so we’ve learned to make the most of any day we make it to the hill together.A lot of the strategies we’ve developed are helpful whether you’re going on a third date or taking a weekend escape with your significant other.

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