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The structure works on the principle that one Snapple jar can be supported by three below it.Snapple jars are collected throughout the session and assembled during the last week (or more realistically the last two days) before the last disco and brought out into the quad during the last disco, along with candles.Because rules stated (for the first time all of a sudden) that we couldn't leave a big tower of glass in the quad unattended due to anticipated Sportalian interference, two R.A.s had to run back to the Larkfield residential block near the end of the final disco to take each layer out of Lorcan's room and move them out to the quad to be assembled into what should have been the tallest Snapple bottle tower ever, even with its more resource-draining shape.In 2013 the Snapple bottles were collected by Lorcan Daly, who had the good fortune of having no roommate and so an entire room in which to gather his loot.He managed to collect over 211 Snapple bottles over the course of the session and a hexagonal tower was designed that was projected to be 9 Snapple bottles high.It was finally revealed what his opus magnum was: the first CTYI Snapple tower.

Unfortunately, the tower was not constructed as planned.This led to them being forced to compromise and build two two smaller towers.This was not preferred by the students, but is remarkable in that it was not only the first hexagonal pyramid attempt but also the first time that two Snapple towers had been made.This tower was not nearly as sleek as the original, and many thought it tacky to add luminous liquid (from glowsticks diluted in water - it was very dim) into the outer bottles.It was also built with sheets of cardboard in between the layers, further subtracting from the aesthetic.

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