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In the early 2000s Sophia started pursuing more serious acting roles, so she starred as Kate Nickleby in the TV drama “The Life and Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby” (2001), played Victoria Abberline in the 2001 thriller film “From Hell”, alongside Johnny Depp, Heather Graham and Ian Holm, and was cast as Anne Kennedy in the romantic comedy-drama “The Abduction Club” (2002).

During the next year, she landed the role of Erika in the action horror film “Underworld”, followed by her portrayal of Louise Thompson in the psychological thriller “Out Of Bounds” directed by Merlin Ward, both of which increased her net worth by a large margin.

They were alternately smiling and grimacing while watching their clips from the film. I thought, ‘I don’t have anything smart enough to wear’. James was attached for about a year before I came onboard. Sophie: I never wanted to be an actor, never even thought about it. Teen Hollywood: What do those ladies bring to the table that others don’t? Reese has impeccable comic timing, Natalie is one of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen. Teen Hollywood: Your costumes are beautiful in the film. Sophia: This was rare for a period film for all the costumes to be so comfortable. But, I remember the day we shot the wedding, it was [bug] season in Connemara on the west coast of Ireland and I was dinner! Sophia: We were in the Atlantic in October and November. While they were setting up, we’d go sit on the sand they they’d cover us with blankets but we didn’t have time to change and get dry or anything so we’d just sit there drinking tea and looking like drowned rats. The love scene in the forest must have been something similar?

Later on, we met with Sophia to get the scoop on hot love scenes..filmed in the freezing cold, an acknowledgement but refusal to talk about her romance with David Tennant, the newest “Dr. We just hit it off straightaway and felt incredibly comfortable with each other. I was very, very shy when I was at school and, at nursery school, kindergarten, I was so terrified when they said they were going to put on a nativity play and we all had to be in it. The only character I’ll decide to play is the donkey if they’ll let me wear a mask’. But the people that I really admire; Johnny Depp is the king, the Elvis of the film world. I met her in the Chateau Marmont and I couldn’t believe it. Sophia: But we had each other to keep us warm, body heat [laughs].

In the same year, she was also chosen to portray Beth Turner in the CBS paranormal romantic drama series “Moonlight”, which lasted for a season, and by the end of the decade, had also played Freya in the 2008 sci-fi action film “Outlander”, next to Jim Caviezel, after which she was cast as Beth Bailey in the BBC drama series “Spooks” (2010).During the following year, she starred as Agnes Fleming in the i TV1 mini-series “Oliver Twist”, based on the book of the same name written by Charles Dickens, after which she made her debut film appearance in the role of Susan Price in the romantic comedy-drama “Mansfield Park”, and then featured as Saucy Wood Nymph in the slapstick black comedy “Guest House Paradiso” next to comic duo Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall, both in 1999.All of these roles marked the establishment of her net worth.Beautiful, blonde Sophia Myles caught our eyes as a leather-wearing vampire in the hit film Underworld. Teen Hollywood: You have love scenes with two different men in this movie. What would happen is I would get down and feel Franco starting to shake [with laughter] and once he went, I’d go. Teen Hollywood: Would you ever consider being a Bond girl, maybe now with Daniel Craig as the new Bond? Love is fundamentally what we human beings all crave and wish for. Far from Satan’s spawn, the young actress is a vicar’s [read minister’s] daughter brought up in West London. [Note: Tristan and Isolde is still rated PG-13] Has he seen the film? I like to mix it up and it’s great because I get the best of both worlds. It’s fine but because I don’t drive in London, I get scared. Teen Hollywood: How do you prepare for scenes like that? I didn’t go to drama school so I didn’t have any vocal training and I look at theater as almost a different profession.

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