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I'm 21 years old and currently I'm a junior petroleum engineer and I dream of travelling and living abroad in the US, Canada or England. I am a woman that willing to sacrifice my love for my future husband. I go through life with a smile and enjoy even the simple things in my life. Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!We find comfort in having someone who can understand and relate to us.

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Together, musical soul mates have countless opportunities to explore music and discuss separate interpretations.That is why we are so drawn to these different people; they are separate entities, but something about them reminds us of ourselves. Those are much more settling ratios of how our souls are distributed among others.Our soul mates have a different part of us instilled in them. These various soul mates provide us with different purposes, outlooks and emotions.The minute you are reunited, it will be like picking up where you last left off.In the case of soul mates, absence does really make the heart grow fonder because, without them, a little part of us is missing.

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