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This was the second time I had it on; I was dressed to kill (or so I thought), but at the same time 20 minutes early, pacing the toilet and breaking into perspiration because Singapore is just too damn humid.I was right: I was dressed to kill — to kill myself.I’m thirty, have a relatively established career path, am . The next thing that happened was not what I was expecting: Fast forward 2 hours later, and it was 8pm. In the cab, I instinctively took out my phone again to see if anyone liked me — nope no luck at all.I had gotten a number of matches before, but for someone like me, it never went beyond small talk and chit-chat — mainly because I was a wuss who didn’t dare ask anyone out.In fact, I’ve actually gone on a couple of dates with someone I met at a speed-dating event just a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I digress: if you have about 5 minutes to spare, look through what I have to say and judge for yourself! I peered at my phone with excitement, and guess what I saw: “Son, coming home for dinner?All I have to say is: speed dating changed my life. ” As much as I love my mum, this really wasn’t what I was hoping for.Yes, I’m probably one of those people you’d think was asexual.

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Surprisingly, she gave me her number, and in that instance, I felt Well, I was a bit disappointed that Marilyn didn’t reciprocate, but considering that Cynthia was indeed in my top three choices, I was actually really excited.

Then it struck me: Immediately, I signed up, paid, and got the details from Gai Gai.

I shan’t go into the boring details of the confirmation process, because I pretty much forgot everything except the fact that I was going to meet 3 days later, I was there in my smartest looking suit, specially tailored when I was invited to a snazzy F1 suite last year as part of a client event.

The first lady, Marilyn (not her real name), was a doctor — pretty, but according to her, just too busy to meet anyone.

I was pretty nervous at first, and by pretty nervous, I mean I was a train wreck.

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