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post so I omitted the requests for/offers of pics and the measurements. Is it weird that the thing that bugs me the most about this one is the grammar? I imagine this gentleman reading my profile, sitting at his computer with a Justin Bieber poster overhead.Without further ado, here are some of my online dating greatest hits. When you plan out a date, it’s always nice to ask for your companion’s input.In other words, just because it’s been a slow, shitty summer date-wise doesn’t mean this is about me.People have been outside, on vacay, enjoying the beautiful weather and living their damn lives.

experience and learn allthe different sides fromthe boys, the good, the badand the straight up unpredictable.I just got my 2nd message from my online dating site telling me that I was almost out of storage and had to erase messages. When I read this one I immediately got that Aaliyah song stuck in my head.I started hacking away at my inbox and was most of the way through and when I thought “Man do I wish the readers could see this! By this time I had deleted a lot of funny stuff but I remembered that I still had the alert emails in my regular inbox and thus could show you some of the shorter ones. Funny thing about that is that song and this gentleman both entered the world in 1994.Do we think the excessive use of the letter “m” is supposed to suggest a stronger orgasm? I went and looked to see if I had put anything on this site that would have led to this comment… But apparently if I want to indulge in some group sex, this guy wants a call.If I had to pick just one issue with this one I would focus on the fact that the gentleman who sent it seems to live 400 miles away from me.

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