Teen dating and love

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Parents can feel tension in their children during this period but do not know why.

They ask about what is happening, but the irritable kids almost never give any answers.

The news always talks about which celebrity is having an affair again, and the celebrity is seldom a female.

In the end, the betrayed side will be very depressed and devastated. It is a waste of time to put too much effort into them.

Parents may feel that their children have suddenly made a very good friend, but they do not know why, and when they ask children about their new paramour, the teen often avoids answering any of the questions. This counts as the end of the Honeymoon phase because both sides lose interest in the other, and most couples break up.

Teenagers during this period are the most unreasonable creatures on Earth.

Parents feel like their children are willing to communicate with them again, and the gaps between the parents and the children are overcome.

There is another ending after the couple breaks up: finding another boyfriend or girlfriend.

During this period, the boy will pick up his courage and tell the girl that he loves her, and, if the girl is impressed by what the boy has done, a new couple appears, and if not, the boy will certainly feel heartbreak and either make a second attempt later on or weep in the bathroom all day long.

This period can be extreme for teenagers since the intersection leads to either heaven or hell, and a wrong step can ruin the dream of becoming a couple.

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