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Some manufacturers may have expiration dates sooner than 28 days from the first access and that would take precedence over the 28 day recommendation A: Only use them when single dose vials are not an option. Keep them away from the immediate patient environment. Never leave a needle cannula or spike device inserted in to a vial stopper.Always discard if the sterility of the vial is in question.The example below compares "a" and "o" in a script where both consist of an incoming stroke, a loop from about 12 o'clock, and an outgoing stroke. The numbers 1 - 3 (I, II, III), usually written as upper-case Roman numerals, often have the appearance of a capital "T" or a series of capital "T's" with a dot above each "T." They are also sometimes written as lower-case Roman numerals (i, ii, iii).i checked this by googling it, and did not find anything specific about Indiana. You should be able to find it if you google nursing home regulations for indiana.

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It would be helpful to have one evidence-based recommendation for discarding used multi-dose vials that healthcare personnel and surveyors can both utilize.

Cyanocobalamin is usually given monthly for several patients as well as Depo Medro, Depo Testosterone and in procedures Lidocaine for local anesthesia-these of course should be used only when a sterile needle and syringe is used each time of drawing up. Is there a general rule then that these vials shouldn’t be kept past a 28 day rule?

Yes, the general rule is that multidose vials should not be used after 28 days, however the best approach is to ask the manufacturer for the specific expiration date, as some medications may have a shorter time frame.

Some of these are obsolete (such as the apothecaries' units); others remain current.

Abbreviations which are deprecated by the Joint Commission are marked in red.

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