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After a couple of track days at Goodwood and Silverstone, we decided to complete the stage 1 upgrade with an induction kit and de-catted sports exhaust (both from KTR).

This takes the BHP to around the 305 mark although it could really do with another map to really squeeze the most out of it.

We fitted both of these relatively quickly and painlessly in our workshop.

Then we looked at upgrading the brakes with braided hoses and race spec brake fluid.

They treasured Scripture passionately and loved Christ wholeheartedly. " They were men who were "seeking the face of God always."It is often cited that the writings of early church fathers contain many doctrinal errors.

In light of this, the majority of contemporary Christians have devalued the patristics and have discarded their literature.

It is our spiritual forefathers who delineated the differences between Scripture and non-canonical writings.

It began primarily with a solid biblical and reasonable premise: though at one time it was incorrect for man to make an image of the invisible God, God has now made himself visible in the image of a man, thereby giving allowance for Christians to display a physical image of Christ as a testimony to His incarnation.

To make a picture of Jesus Christ was not intrinsically sinful.

To reject this, one must also reject the making of the with reverence and respect, because it is filled with divine grace and power." Before long, these images and other icons, such as pieces of wood symbolizing the cross of Christ or water from the Holy Land, became "receptacles of divine power." Finally, the argument stated that if the icon contained a woven connection to the image it bore and provided a means of sanctification to the believer.

It is Wilken's desire to demonstrate, that as we read discerningly, they provide great value to us because they are the ones who formed the foundations of the theology that we know articulate.

As Gregory the Theologian states, "Theology reaches maturity by additions." It is the early church fathers who pinpointed the relationship between the Father and the Son.

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