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She doesn’t have the luxury of playing hard to get as she has too many priorities. Many come from relationships where they were controlled.

When they finally ‘get their freedom,’ they seize it with both hands.

These are positive character traits, even if it takes you longer to progress in the relationship than you normally might.

If and when you do meet her children, make sure that you have discussed with her what their needs might be as well as how to approach them.

Although your dating life may not be as carefree as that of two single people, seeing someone with kids can still be rewarding.

Being aware of the unique circumstance can go a long way toward making things easier.

Expect any single mother worth her salt to put the care and concerns of her children first.

Many women are called on to play the role of both mother and father, and you can expect that her children's needs, whatever they may be, will be paramount to her.

Because of the presence of children as well as their need and right to care, attention and consideration, you may find that you have a little extra work to do when pursuing a single mom.

That spur of the moment weekend away isn’t going to happen. It’s important to know the dos and don’t of interacting with a single mom’s children.

You need to show an interest in them, but not try to be their father.

Before pursuing a relationship, make sure you’re comfortable with it. A single mom won’t introduce you to her kids until she knows it’s serious.

Any single mom will place her children above you as a priority. If she must choose, who to take a bullet for, don’t be surprised to learn that it’s not you! If you have your own children in the mix as well, it takes careful scheduling. For it to become serious, you need time alone to explore your relationship.

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