Tips on dating a rich girl

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When you make one surprise call a day just to know how she is doing is much better than a bouquet of roses,” says the journalist.

Rose says working on your love making skills in of utmost importance for such a man.

It’s also widely believed that such women are always itching for a megaphone to broadcast that fact to all and sundry.

ALSO READ: How to stop comparing your relationship to others’ That, however, is never entirely true.

According to other women we talked to, there really is nothing derogatory about the position of being a boyfriend or husband of a rich and highly accomplished woman.

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So you can imagine is she is more powerful and has more authority in the relationship, very minor things will tick her off. They must eat healthy and work out to be fit and look good, after they have all the time in the world.Rachel Muia, an air travel agent, warns that before going for manicure and pedicure, the first thing a man who is willing to date a woman who is more accomplished than himself is to learn and master his place in the relationship.ALSO READ: What women mean when they say ‘it’s the little things that matter’ “When you want a woman to take care of you, you better understand why she accepted you because behind every rich and successful woman there is always a peaceful man who knows his place,” she says.There is a radical shift in the previously held status quo most men enjoyed.The secret is, knowing your place in the marriage,” says the man, insisting he is a private citizen and sees no need to make news by talking about his private life.

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