Too many dating choices

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This is an oldie but goodie in digital disguise: That there’s someone out there better than us.

That the same compulsion that causes a man to click through channel after channel without watching anything, is the same one that will cause him to pass us by.

"I find that sometimes people who are 'overdating' are trying to hide from something," Schilling told 9Honey. So maybe if you notice yourself doing this, take a little time out, reflect, and really think about what it is you want." There are some people who keep their calendar booked with a different date every day of the week, but end up in very few longer relationships.

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But when you search for perfection, you’re unlikely to find it.“People who attempt to make the 'perfect' choice, whether it comes to buying a car or finding a partner, end up less satisfied, regardless of what or who they choose.That’s because they tend to look for flaws, and become disillusioned with all of their options," says Andy Trees, Ph.D., author of "A Scientific Guide to Successful Dating." Many services also ask you to fill out exhaustive questionnaires about your likes and dislikes.It might seem like more information would help you make smarter choices, but again, that’s often not the case.

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