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40 Truth or Dare Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend: Truth Questions If you have not played truth or dare before, the main idea is that the other player asks you “Truth or Dare? If you choose truth, you have to answer any question that they ask truthfully. If you are in college, you can also modify truth or dare into a drinking game. Be wary about asking this question because you may not like the answer.If someone fails to do the dare or answer the question, they have to drink. Worse still, she may ask you the same question, so be prepared with an answer that won’t hurt her feelings. Have you ever made a fool of yourself in front of someone you were interested in? If you want to gain a better understanding about what it would be like to be a woman, ask this question. What is the main thing that attracts you to a person of the opposite sex? Obviously, you can only really ask this question if she has a sibling.If you need some extra help, we have a list of 40 truth or dare questions that can help you out.Spice up your relationship using some of the top truth or dare questions out there!

After asking the questions or completing the dare, Player 2 gets a chance to ask “Truth or Dare” to another player, and the game process continues.

Keep in mind that you will still want to be with your girlfriend at the end of this game. ” If you want to pay her back for an embarrassing dare, use this one.

If you give her a dare that is too disgusting or weird, she might not like it.

Every dare message has options whose answers are known to you beforehand.

You can send this dare message to your friends and ask them to choose one option.

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