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i See This System On Page 40 A Sandhills Publication COMPUTER POWER USER Cooligy On Watercooling (page 44) ^ Snap Stream Beyond TV 3 (page 76) ^ Big Storage Options (page 16) "We pointed the industry in the right direction." June 2004 • Vol. You find a comfortable spot in front of a PC in the airport lounge and log on to tiara tiai Area 32 33 Mods & Ends The Art Mac The Tale Of AMac Modder 40 Mad Reader Mod The Fragmatatron: A Rusted-Out Beauty 41 Advanced Q&A Corner 44 X-ray Vision: Cooligy Making Watercooling Small & Efficient 48 White Paper: E-voting Soapbox Salvation Or Political Suicide? .99 Canada CEO Jen-Hsun Huang Dishes On Graphics & Computing (page 54) CAN-SPAM's Bid For E-Voting: Clutter-Free Inboxes Can It Ever Work? Pete Loshin Open Sauce page 81 d you find the hidden CPU logo on our cover?However, in a massively bad strategic move, the Edge was not Direct X-friendly (granted, DX was new on the scene) and was gone before you could say, "Boo! If that trend continues the way it has (and I don't see why it shouldn't), I'm intrigued to see where the company is a decade or more from now.My personal feeling is that NVIDIA has yet to morph into a butterfly and that the best is yet to come.Our focus was bit of a departure from your "typical" issue of CPU, and we needed to plan carefully to ensure we captured something valuable for you, our reader.I mulled many CEOs when considering the focus and kept coming back to NVIDIA and CEO/co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang. In fact, that failure actually makes the NV30 look like a prizewinner.I can walk very well and unlike many, have no financial problems.Your newly energised self would surely be a good thing for your partner?

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Your office PC desktop instantly appears on the screen in front of you, just as if you were sitting at your desk back at work. Loading Zone 70 72 73 76 77 80 81 The Bleeding Edge Of Software Inside The World Of Betas Up To Speed Upgrades That'll Keep You Humming Along Enlisting A Video Encoder For When It's Time To Compress & Decompress Snap Stream Beyond TV3 Apple i Life '04 Introducing Garage Band With New Versions Of i Tunes, i Photo & More Dialogue Box Hijacked By Spyware Open Sauce Q * * Freaky Wiki I ± Caught In The Web 82 Can CAN-SPAM Really Can Spam?

With a relaxed smile, you access and work on the presentation you needed and respond to some urgent emails. GST # 123482788RT0001 (ISSN 1536-7568) CPU Computer Power User USPS 020-801 is published monthly for per year by Sandhills Publishing Company, 131 West Grand Drive, P. New Laws Are No Match For Unwanted Email 86 Coder's Corner: XML Schema Languages For XML 88 The Department Of Stuff 89 Forward Slash Play Phone Digital Living 90 Road Warrior The Future Of Wireless, Sendo vs.

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ATI X800 XT Preview (page 20) ■ PC Modder: Tale Of A Mac Modder (page 33) )$ W? Go To My PC .^8 Start I 'JL & £} ® I ^flo Ta Hy PCCiifpiiratoia„.| ^Gala Hy K My Ctocunwts " 4 **-m l LZOHr You're sitting in the airport lounge... You remember there's a presentation you need to edit on your office PC. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Computer Power User, P. Turn the page for the an Heavy Gear 1 5 Dream Hardware 1 6 Extreme External Storage Stockpiling From The Outside In 20 ATI Radeon X800 XT (R420) Preview 21 AMD Athlon 64 FX-53 CPU 22 Intel Pentium 4E 3.4GHz CPU 23 Jetway Mini Q 860TWIN SFF PC 24 MSI Mega 180 SFF Case Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F828 26 TDK Indi DVD 880N Epson Stylus Photo R200 27 Heatsink Hardball Aerocool vs. Zalman 28 Anand's Corner Ge Force 6— Finally 29 The Shark Tank My Battery Life 30 [H]ard Talk Benchmarks Tell You What?

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